Madison Wisconsin Firewood Delivery

“Unquestionably the best firewood delivery in Madison, WI”

Dried, Split, Tumbled. Delivered. Ready to burn.

We specialize in:

– Custom sizes
– Low-smoke firewood
– European-style firewood
New! Now available: Wood for smoking.

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Terry’s firewood and service are outstanding. I called one cold day, and by the very next day I had a cord of dry oak stacked in my garage. The dry wood made the fire easy to start and it burned nice and warm. I’ll never buy firewood from anyone else.
Terry Benjamin’s mission is to supply his customers with the best woods, full quantities, and timely deliveries. From first acquiring logs to the time your firewood is delivered to you, Terry works to assure that you enjoy the benefits of wood that is dry, clean, correctly sized, and top quality with full volumes and on-time delivery. Terry wants your fires to start easily and burn right. Firewood Delivery by Terry Benjamin strives to be an easy to deal with and reliable company that works hard to supply all it’s customers’ firewood needs and assure their complete satisfaction.