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Best-Selling, Premium Firewood

Mixed Hardwoods (Best Value!)

$190 / Face cord

Heat output (22.5 million BTU’s per cord) 80
Burn time 70
Ease of starting (kindling recommended) 30
Aroma 40
Cost 65
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Oak: European-Sizing, Low-Smoke

$230 / Face cord

Heat output (22.5 million BTU’s per cord) 90
Burn time 90
Ease of starting (kindling recommended) 20
Aroma 40
Cost 75
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Red Elm

$220 / Face cord

Heat output (21.6 million BTU’s per cord) 70
Burn time 50
Ease of starting 60
Aroma 50
Cost 65
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We fuel your favorite Madison restaurants.

I would like to thank you for the quality of your product and the service that you provide. This would be a better country if we all tried as hard as you do. The wood is exceptionally dry and clean. We look forward to enjoying the fires all winter long.

Cliff and Beth
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Our Mission

Our mission is to supply you with quality premium woods, full quantities, and timely deliveries.  From first acquiring logs to the time your firewood is delivered to you, we work to assure that you enjoy the benefits of wood that is dry, clean, correctly sized, and top quality with full volumes and on-time delivery. We want your fires to start easily and burn magnificently. Madison Firewood Delivery strives to be an easy to deal with and reliable company that works hard to supply all your firewood needs and assure your complete satisfaction.