Customer Reviews

Hi Terry,

Those Super Cedar Firestarters work like a charm! Thanks for letting me try them.

Bill N.

It was raining on the morning Terry delivered our wood once. It would be night before we could get home to get it inside. Instead of just letting it sit in the rain to get wet, Terry covered the wood with plastic for us. We didn’t even ask…he just did it for us. You don’t get service like that anywhere any more. Thanks Terry.


As always, the wood delivered yesterday was clean and dry (not counting the morning rain). A cord of it got into the garage before the storm yesterday afternoon and the rest the neighbors help me tarp. Thank you again for a product I am glad to pay the premium for!!!


I would like to thank you for the quality of your product and the service that you provide. This would be a better country if we all tried as hard as you do. The wood is exceptionally dry and clean. We look forward to enjoying the fires all winter long.

Cliff and Beth

I continue to be impressed by your prompt service and the clean firewood. My small woodstove requires smaller than average cuts of wood and you have provide us with exactly what we need. Thanks!


Terry – Great service, great product, great attitude. Thanks for all your help.


Can’t tell you how much we enjoyed our new fireplace with the excellent dry wood! Many a quiet, content hour was spent reading and doing homework by the fire!

Terry’s firewood and service are outstanding. I called him one cold day, and by the very next day I had a cord of dry oak stacked in my garage. The dry wood made the fire easy to start and it burned nice and warm. I’ll never buy firewood from anyone else.


Late last year I received my first cord from Terry, and it worked out perfectly. I knew I would be needing more wood for this year, but wanting to save a few extra dollars, I scoured craigslist and any lead I could find to get a better price on firewood. I came across an ad that seemed reasonable, and it was the worst mistake I made. They were uneven, filled with other dirt and debris, and still nearly saturated. Whereas the quality and cuts of Terry’s firewood are clean and consistent from start to finish. You get exactly what you pay for Terry’s firewood, and I will not have it any other way.

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